Shooting Tips

Correct Sight Alignment

Why Choose MGCA Range?
Here's just a few of the reasons to renew or become a member at MGCA Range:

1.) Open 365 days a year!

2.) No 5 second rule! Rapid shooting allowed (safety first though) 

3.) Draw from holsters allowed on designated ranges (safety first). This is great for the conceal carry permits!

4.) 10 Ranges to choose from!

5.) Membership includes the family! These family members include children, grandchildren, siblings, parents, in-laws. (See details on the MGCA web site)

6.) Clean and well maintained ranges! (Be sure to thank Greg Crank if you see him)

7.) Three clean restrooms conveniently located!

8.) Great Board of Directors!

9.) New and exciting events scheduled for the near future!

10.) Best one of ALL, its ONLY $100.00 per year! Compare us to all of the other ranges in the area, I guarantee you can NOT BEAT IT! 

Now's your chance to join! 
Hope to see you at the range!