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The only entrance to the club has a locked
gate in order to protect club members

Range #1 - 200 Yards

Range #1 Now lengthened to 200 yards

Range #2 No shotguns allowed

Range #3 No shotguns allowed

Restrooms are located at range #3, #6 and #10 for your convenience.

The archery range is left of the lower range gate.

The archery range targets

The road to ranges 4 thru 12 (right of the archery range)

Range #4 Across from clubhouse/maintenance building.
No shotguns allowed

Range #5 No shotguns allowed.

Range #6 No shotguns allowed.

Range #7 No shotguns allowed.

Range #8 No shotguns allowed.

Range #9 No shotguns allowed

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Range #10 - New Rimfire ONLY Range

Range #11 shotguns ONLY.

Range #11 Rack for storing shotguns. Built by Kevin Monk.

Range #11. Cocked Clay Thrower
DO NOT leave the clay thrower in this condition after use.

Range #11. Uncocked Clay Thrower
Safe condition after use.

Range #12 - Reserved for shotgun or shot pistols
Left of Range #11
Bring your own legal targets.

Why Join MGCA Range?

Here's just a few of the reasons to renew or become a member at MGCA Range:
1.) Open 365 days a year!
2.) NO 5 second rule! Rapid shooting allowed (safety first though)
3.) Draw from holsters allowed on designated ranges (safety first). This is great for the conceal carry permits!
4.) 12 Ranges to choose from!
5.) Persons that are covered by your membership include yourself, spouse or partner and any children under the age of 21. All other guests require a Guest Pass that is available for $125 per year from the Membership Director. The member must be present when a guest is shooting. A member may only bring 1 guest per visit per Guest Pass. (See Range Rules for additional details)
6.) Clean and well maintained ranges! (Be sure to thank Greg Crank if you see him)
7.) Three clean restrooms conveniently located near Ranges 3, 6 and 10.
8.) Great Board of Directors!
9.) New and exciting events scheduled each year!

10.) ONLY range that offers a annual "Night Vision Shoot" for our members

11.) Best one of ALL, its ONLY $125.00 per year! ($130.00 if you pay online)
Compare us to all of the other ranges in the area, we guarantee you can NOT BEAT IT!
Now's your chance to join!
Hope to see you at the range!

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