(Revised Aug, 2016)
The Midwest Gun Collectors Association (M.G.C.A.) Ray Davis Memorial Range is located at the Junction
of Route 26 and Washburn Road, north of Spring Bay and ½ mile south of main line of Santa Fe tracks.  It
is composed of approximately 40 acres, is wholly owned by the M.G.C.A., and is administered by its Board
of Directors through its Range Master and appointed Range Officers.

 M.G.C.A. feels it has a duty to provide and maintain for the gun enthusiasts of this area a safe place where
they can check out their guns for proper functioning, become proficient in marksmanship through target
practice, teach family and younger members safe and proper handling of firearms and enjoy good
fellowship with other shooters.

The M.G.C.A. Board of Directors has approved the following rules:


Go to:   http://training.nra.org/nra-gun-safety-rules.aspx

Range use is exclusively for M.G.C.A. club members and M.G.C.A. club sponsored activities.  Only
equipment owned by M.G.C.A. can be stored on club property.  
1. Non-shooters and spectators must stay at a safe distance behind loading and firing lines.  All
shooters, non-shooters and spectators on the grounds must have and use appropriate eye and
hearing protection.  If non-shooters and spectators remain in a vehicle on club grounds and are
protected from spatter and sound, they do not need to wear eye and hearing protection. 
However, if they leave the confines of the vehicle, they must have and use appropriate eye and
hearing protection.
2. No one is allowed to carry a firearm on their person on the club property whether open or

3. You are only allowed to draw an empty gun and DRY fire from a holster. Drawing from a 
holster with a loaded gun is not allowed.
4. All items on the club property are considered property of the MGCA.  If you find 
items, like tables, chairs, targets, guns, brooms, etc. laying about and they are not yours, you do
not have the right to take them. If you didn’t bring it, don’t take it! If you do, you will be
prosecuted and your membership will be terminated. If you find valuable items call Greg Crank
248-7068 or Ernie Rech 699-0471.  
5. Read and follow the range safety rules posted on ranges #1 and 2.
6. All firing is to be down range and in that direction only.  All targets must be positioned so that
all fired rounds, whether through the target or missing the target impact into the backstop. No
targets are allowed on top of the backstop.  No shots should be directed at the side berms. 
Ricochets are to be minimized.  Be aware of where your bullet impacts.  All firearms, loaded or
empty, must be pointed down range at all times.  

7. All targets must be of a soft or fragile nature to prevent ricochet, except the steel targets 
explained on the ACCEPTABLE TARGETS list.  Refer to the lists of acceptable and
unacceptable targets on page 2. Soft or fragile targets must be placed against the back stop. 
8. The facility is open ONLY from sunrise to sunset.   

9. Some individual ranges may be closed at intervals to have the necessary time for safely setting 
up targets.  These intervals are to be determined by the Range Master or Range Officers.  If no 
Range Officials are present, the shooters using the range should cooperatively determine the
time intervals.  If a range should have to be closed for mowing or maintenance work, then
members must use other available ranges on the property.  

10. Range #9 is the only range where shotguns (SHOT SHELLS ONLY) may be used. All shot will 
be fired from the established firing line, NOT from down range.
11. ONLY shotguns firing slug ammunition are allowed on Range #1.  No shot shells are allowed to
be fired on Range #1.  

12. As the range is to be used for club members exclusively, anyone on range without a current 
membership card will be considered to be trespassing.  You must have your current
membership card with you and must be prominently displayed.  
13. Persons that are covered by your membership include yourself, spouse or partner, any children 
of member or spouse under the age of 18 living at home or under legal custody of member or
spouse or partner.  A member may only bring 1 guest per visit.  That guest visit is limited to that
one time ONLY.  Remember, as the member you are responsible for the conduct of your guest. 
All guests must also obey all Range Rules.  If you have any questions please contact the Range
Master or Board Member.  

14. Each club member should practice courtesy to fellow club members and must obey Midwest 
Club appointed Range Officials at all times. 
15. Members are responsible for their own trash and litter.  Please place your trash or litter in the
provided receptacles.  The range is not a garbage dump or a junkyard.  Clean up after yourself,
it’s your range.  

16. All club members are urged to maintain good relationships with neighboring farmers and 
surrounding community. 
17. No camping, tents or trailers will be permitted on club property.   No vehicles are to be left on
club property overnight.  

18. No alcoholic beverages, opened or unopened, will be allowed on M.G.C.A. property. 

19. No person is allowed on the club property when under the influence of alcohol or drugs, either 
prescription or illegal.
20. No hunting is to be done on range property.
21. All activities on the range are to be M.G.C.A. sponsored events.  Club sponsored events must be
scheduled and posted far enough in advance so that all club members can participate if they so
desire.  All club sponsored group activities are to be so arranged that the rights of individual
club members to use a range be not infringed.  

22. Range privileges can be denied any member or members who do not comply with all of the 
range rules and regulations included here and posted at the range.  If you violate these rules, you
will be asked to leave the range and could possibly lose your membership.  


M.G.C.A. provides target boards on the ranges.  We do not provide targets.  We require that paper targets
be elevated so that bullets impact backstop and to avoid ricochets leaving the range.


Commercially manufactured steel swinging or spinning targets.

ALL steel targets must direct bullet spatter to the ground.
Follow manufacturer’s safe distance but under no circumstances may any steel targets be placed closer than
10 yards from the firing line.  Make sure that any bullet that misses any steel target impacts/goes into the

Paper targets are most preferred by the Board of Directors. Paper targets must be attached to a back board
that is directly in front of the backstop.

Clay birds are to be placed on the backstop, not on the side berms.

Soft or fragile targets.  See Rule #4.


Exploding targets, either commercial or homemade.

LP tanks or any cylinder designed for compressing gas either full or empty.

Glass containers or glass of any kind.

The back board posts.

Computers, computer parts or electronics of any type (i.e. TV, radio, and stereos)

Bowling balls.

Solid steel targets (see acceptable targets)

CDs or DVDs.

Watermelons, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes or any organic plant life.

Automobiles or automobile parts.

Cement blocks, bricks or rocks.

Bathroom fixtures or porcelain fixtures.


This is not an all-inclusive list, if you have a question ask the Range Master, a Range Officer or
Board Member for clarification.