The only entrance to the club has a locked
gate in order to protect club members

Range #1 - 200 Yards

Range #1 Now lengthened to 200 yards

Range #2 No shotguns allowed

Range #3 No shotguns allowed

Restrooms are located at range #3 and at range #9 for your convenience.

The archery range is left of the lower range gate.

The archery range targets

The road to ranges 4 thru 10 right of the archery range.

Range #4 Across from clubhouse/maintenance building.
No shotguns allowed

Range #5 No shotguns allowed.

Range #6 No shotguns allowed.

Range #7 No shotguns allowed.

Range #8 No shotguns allowed.

Range #9 No Shotguns allowed

Range #10 Shotguns ONLY.

Range #10 Rack for storing shotguns. Built by Kevin Monk.

Range #10. Cocked Clay Thrower
DANGER, DO NOT leave the clay thrower in this condition after use.

Range #10. Uncocked Clay Thrower
Safe condition after use.

Reserved for shotgun or shot pistols
Left of Range #10
Bring your own legal targets.


  Midwest Gun Collectors' Association

 OFFICIAL LOGO PNG  Welcome to the "Midwest Gun Collectors' Association" website. 

We are proud of our association and constantly strive to improve our shooting range. We have approximately 2000+ members for the year 2018. We welcome new members and stress safety and family participation. The membership fee is $100 for one year. If you are interested in joining our association please click on the "MEMBERSHIP" box above.   

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 PLEASE NOTE: The ranges are muddy and we suggest wearing boots while being on them at this time.





Association Directors

Robert Spear - President 

Michael Kelley - Vice President 

Caryl Crank - Treasurer 

Leah Aeschliman - Secretary

Jay Katz - Membership Director

Greg Crank - Range Director 

Clifford Gunther - Director 

Bob Bjerke - Director

Scott Tallyn - Social Media Director 


We as a club would like to make it known to our members. 

If you have young children or grandchildren regardless how far they live from you, that you feel are mature enough to start teaching the fundamentals of the use of firearms as well as the understanding of how to safely handle and respect the firearm, we encourage you to bring them along with you to the range.

Other Club Information


During our March Board of Directors meeting at the range we had a membership discussion  concerning the guest policy that we had eliminated and the concerns of our members.  We invited the members to come and brain-storm a new policy.  It was brought up by the members that attended about creating a guest pass and the cost was proposed by these same members.  The board voted and adopted the $100 per calendar year guest pass that would allow our members that purchase the pass to bring guests as many times as they would like, instead of 1 guest 1 time each.  It still limits guests to 1 per visit per guest pass, however it does not limit the number of times that a guest can come to the range with the member.

Later we discussed the membership in general, more importantly just who was covered by the members membership.  It used to be that the member their spouse or significant other and any child under the age of 21 that shares the members address.   We expanded the definition of who is included with the membership, this now includes the afore mentioned members of the family as well as members of the family that live more than 100 miles from the member.  These family members include children and grandchildren, siblings, parents, in-laws.  There is no limit on the number of times that these individuals may be brought to the range, as they will not normally be visiting on a regular basis.


Questions concerning membership please call Jay Katz at 309-229-7495


Membership News/Information

Latest News

The bi-monthly Board of Directors meeting scheduled for November 6th, 2019 is a closed meeting, off site. 

Our public meetings will resume in January. 

Please stay tuned for updates as the scheduled date is New Years day, so we will most likely change it to January 8th, 2020.


Open House on Saturday October 5th, 2019 from 9 am until 2 pm

Membership Drive at Bass Pro on November 2nd and 3rd from 10 am until 2 pm


All renewals and new memberships are $100.

Regular meetings for MEMBERS ONLY are on the 1st Wednesday of each of the following months:

January, March, May, July, September, and November. 


These meetings are held at 6:30 pm at the range maintenance building at the range. 

Website Content Use


No persons, entities, companies, or corporations – including those that may employ or be owned by MGCA club members in good standing – may come onto the private property of Midwest Gun Collectors Association, or to any of its events, for the purpose of advertising, selling, or in any way profiting from the sale of merchandise to the club or its members, without the advance, express permission of the MGCA Board of Directors. No photographs, video, or other media may be taken of MGCA property for use in publications, broadcasts, websites or any other forms of public communication for profit without the advance, express permission of the MGCA Board of Directors.