Midwest Gun Collectors' Association

Welcome to the "Midwest Gun Collectors' Association" website. We are proud of our association and constantly strive to improve our shooting range. We have approximately 1600+ members for the year 2015. We welcome new members and stress safety and family participation. The membership fee is $100 for the 1st year and $75 if you renew your membership before February 15th of each consecutive year thereafter. If you are interested in joining our association please click on the membership application below.

All ranges are open.

To whom it may concern. MGCA will NOT host persons wanting Concealed Carry training. Our insurance will not allow it. NO ONE is allowed to carry a firearm on their person on the club property whether open or concealed no matter what.

We now have a small range for shotguns, including all Taurus and S&W pistols w/buckshot on stationary targets only. This range is located to the left of Range #9. No back boards will be supplied so bring your own authorized targets.

Range 9 is now open. There are five shotgun w/buckshot ONLY shooting stations open for trap shooting only.

The range is located on county road 00 on the Woodford/Marshal county line just off of Rt 26 between Springbay and Lacon.

We now have nine ranges and an archery range for all members to enjoy. The road to ranges 4 thru 9 is between the archery range and range#3. We have completed the new meeting/maintenance building at the top of the hill across from range 4. See the new photos below of the improvements and a better explanation.

MGCA no longer sponsors a gun show. A facility large enough to accommodate the show is not available and the profits from the past shows were not large enough to cover the expenses.

Regular meetings for MEMBERS ONLY are on the 1st Wednesday of each of the following months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. These meetings are held at 6:30 pm at the range maintenance building at the range. Meetings after the gun shows will no longer be held.

The association directors are:
  • Ernie Rech - President
  • Greg Crank - Vice President and Range director
  • Mary Harper - Secretary
  • Caryl Crank - Treasurer
  • Bill Fritz - director
  • Bob Bjerke - director
  • Richard Parks - Memership director

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    Peoria to MGCA range

    MGCA Range Aerial View

    Both entrances to the club have locked gates to protect club members.

    Range #1 Slug ONLY Shotguns allowed

    Range #1 Now lengthened to 200 yards

    Range #2 No shotguns allowed

    Range #3 No shotguns allowed

    Restrooms are located at range #3 and at range #9 for your convenience.

    The archery range is left of the lower range gate.

    The archery range targets

    The road to ranges 4 thru 9 right of the archery range.

    Range #4 Across from clubhouse/maintenance building. No shotguns allowed

    Range #5 No shotguns allowed.

    Range #6 No shotguns allowed.

    Range #7 No shotguns allowed.

    Range #8 No shotguns allowed.

    Range #9 Shotguns ONLY.

    Range #9 Rack for storing shotguns. Built by Kevin Monk.

    Range #9 Cocked Clay Thrower. DANGER! DO NOT leave the clay thrower in this condition after use.

    Range #9 Uncocked Clay Thrower. Safe condition after use.

    Reserved for shotgun or shot pistols ONLY STATIONARY TARGET shooting pit.
    Left of Range #9
    Bring your own legal targets.

    FLOOD PHOTOS April 2013


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